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Fijo M/CC is a full-service marketing communications firm. Our clients include small and large companies in the tri-state area.

The company began as a graphic design agency but soon branched out into ad specialties and premiums. That combination of services put us in a unique position, because they were not commonly associated with the graphic design business. What’s more, our background in design enabled us to do more than just fill an order: Instead of a random selection of ad specialties and premiums, we approached each project individually, presenting customized concepts in keeping with brand image.

That approach worked well for us, the ideas worked for our clients, and we went to work forming a new agency.

In fact, it was those first steps into the world of sales promotion that encouraged us to further expand our capabilities, talent and resources. Today we provide start-to-finish services in a wide range of areas, including sales promotion, graphic and package design, image enhancement and advertising.


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